9th Generation Technologies


Gani Technical Innovation

The 9th Generation, Four Core Technologies

The 8th Generation, Marble Porcelain Pickling Antique Technology. Reproduced the pickling effect of marble with high-definition 3D technology.

The 7th Generation, Full Body Technology

The 6th Generation, Semi Full Body Technology

The 5th Generation, One Stone Eight Surfaces. Enable richer combination of texture and infinite extension of the overall spatial effect.

The 4th Generation, Accurate Spray Setting Technology

The 3rd Generation, Large-size Specification Technology for 900X1200mm Tiles. Created extra-large size marble tiles in ceramic industry.

The 2nd Generation, Concavo-convex Superfine Veins Technology

The 1st Generation, Concavo-convex In-glaze Decoration Technology. Became the first to successfully restore the surface texture effect of marble with ceramic tile technology.

Superior Performance

Flatness tolerance achieves ±0.1% Integrated design system on technology and artistic reached world class advance standard. Strictly following ISO 9001, the GANI quality assurance and control systems covers whole product process from raw material, formula, firing, polishing , inspection, packing and equipment.
Low Water Absorption
Applied porcelain technologies, the GANI MARBLE TILES water absorption rates at ≤0.1% which is a perfect alternative to nature marble on daily maintenance.
High Breaking Strength
The GANI MARBLE TILES large tonnage press forming and 1230 Celsius degrees firing can achieve breaking strength ≥2000N, and modulus of rupture average minimum ≥38MPa, which provides better solution on cost save and installation quality.
High Anti Slip Effect
The GANI concave-convex Anti-slip Micro Technology increases the dry static friction coefficient to 0.7 plus(static friction coefficient of swimming pool nonslip safety walk is 0.5 plus ).
High Hardness
Mohs hardness scale up to 5
High Wear-Resistance
Level 4 for heavy traffic

Excellent in Stain
/ Acid And Alkali 
  • Superior Tile Body

    GANI MARBLE TILES apply super white body with high performance in heat resistance and deform resistance which excel 0.1% water absorption.

  • Satisfied Italian Glaze

    The satisfied Italian glaze excels not only in marble revivification and effect, but also more compact.

  • 1230 °C Process

    1230 °C high-temperature transparent glaze with appropriate crystallization and replaced pore phase to achieve better abrasion resistance.

Why not Marble Superior performance compared to marble

Low Level Of Impact Resistance

Physical Performance

  • Low hardness, not wear-resistance
  • Low breaking strength
  • Low density, poor stain resistance
Low Level Of Impact Resistance

Chemical Performance

  • Hard to control radiation
  • No acid
Low Level Of Impact Resistance


  • Common in flaw
  • Unstable color and pattern
  • Crack and defect easily found
Low Level Of Impact Resistance

Maintenance / Stability

  • Fragile with high waste
  • Not stable supply
  • Hard to maintenance
  • High price with short storage