GANI’s product is widely used in commercial application, such as shops, restaurants, cinemas, offices, and conventional centers. Our reputation relays on products’ high performance as well as detail service, traceability and safe partnership. The offer we provide is an illustration of fast-response global supply, production and retail network.

Zara Chain Shop

The long term cooperation between ZARA and GANI can date back to year 2014 while Zara was looking for trustable partnership with persistent delivery capacity while at the same time, customized product and service with flexible to supply to deal with its global openings.

Today GANI supplied to 135 ZARA global shops, delivering over 300,000 sqm, covering Spain, America, Australia, China, Canada, etc.

Location Global
Amount 300,000 sqm
Product Custom made
Application Floors
Pleno Rangsit Klong 4, Thailand

Pleno Rangsit Klong 4, located in the Rangsit District, northeast of Bangkok, is the 2-storey townhouses with advanced functionality developed by AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited and built with GANI Statuario Calacatta. Careful attention is made throughout the layout planning process in order to ensure a perfect balance between highly efficient functions and a simple, airy, spacious feel. Statuario Calacatta, delivered by GANI as latest and high-end landscape design on curtain wall application, rich in naturalness, is able to enrich ambiences and evoke brilliance using delicate decorative accents.

Location Bangkok, Thailand
Product Statuario Calacatta
Application Curtain wall
Royal Park Hotel, the Haneda

Located in Tokyo Haneda International Airport, The Royal Park Hotel, The Haneda which was open in 2015 enjoys an excellent geographical position, thus becoming the 1st choice for many businessmen and travelers. The craftsman spirit is revealed in the simple and modern design of the hotel. Jet Black from GANI MARBLE TILES black collection is used at the entrance of the hotel.

Location 2-6-5 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041
Product Jet Black
Application Entrance of the hotel
The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

Situated in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan is the 3rd Universal Studios theme parks featuring Hollywood films after the ones in Orlando and Florida. As the partner hotel of Universal Studio, the Park Front Hotel takes the best advantage of the location. The harmonious combination of GANI’s Emperador Light, Rosa Zarci and Crema Marfil with the orange restaurant wall creates a lively and comfortable environment.

Location Osaka, Universal Studios Japan
Product Emperador Light, Rosa Zarci
Application Floor of the hotel restaurant
AK Plaza, Korea

AK Plaza Department Store - AK TOWN Branch is a multi-entertainment shopping center featuring a CGV (Movie Theater), a Books Libro, and a Characters’ Fun Zone. With the best shopping experience combined with high-quality leisure activities, AK Plaza has now become one of the most iconic spaces for leading shopping trends in Korea.

Location Gyeonggi-do. South Korea
Product Calacatta, customized product
Application Floor
Bank in Russia

Quite a few of GANI’s products have been applied to the bank, like Emperador Dark, Emperador Light, Golden Beige, Wood Grain Grey. The mix of them creates stunning features on the floors and walls. Borders on the floor are not only eye-catching but also highly appealing as well.

Location Russia
Product Emperador Light, Golden Beige, Wood Grain Grey
Application Floor and wall
Marriage Registration Office in Russia

Golden Beige, Onice Cappuccino, Silver Grey from GANI collection has been applied to the office’s floor. The floor is decorated with unique medallion and mosaic combined with these three marble tiles, adding aesthetic appeal to the whole space of the office.

Location Russia
Product Golden Beige, Onice Cappuccino, Silver Grey, Medallion
Application Floor
RIMOWA Store Sydney

The pioneer of fine leather and luggage brands in Australia, Hunt introduced Australians to RIMOWA in 2002, and it has since enjoyed spectacular growth, with the first RIMOWA shop-in-shop opening in Brisbane in 2012, and the first Australian flagship store launching at 5 Martin Place in Sydney, in 2016.

Location 5 Martin Place, Sydney, Australia
Product Calacattae
Application Floor
Casino in Lithuania

This gambling house offers visitors the worldwide popular gambling games such as gaming machines and Club poker. Amasya Beige, Illinois Grey, Marron Emperador from GANI collection has been applied to the washroom floor and wall, lobby and restaurant floor and stair. The floor is decorated with unique medallion, adding aesthetic appeal to the whole space.

Location Lithuania
Product Amasya Beige, Marron Emperador
Application Washroom floor and wall, lobby and restaurant floor, stair
International Conference Center Ningxia

(AWARDED AS Golden Medal of Chinese Steel Structure)

The design concept is inspired by both Chinese and Arabic cultural elements. The primary concept is the use of the circle and the square. In both cultures, pure geometries have had significant influence throughout history. In China, the ancient coin, for example, is a strong metaphor for harmony between heaven (the circle) and earth (the square). In the Muslim culture, the combination of the circle and the square is called the Mandala motif, and is recognized as the unifying intermediary between the materialism and the spiritual world.

Location Ningxia, China
Amount 51,000 sqm
Designer HDD Design Firm
Product Volakas, Sofitel Gold, Fior Di Pesco Carnico, Bitticino Semiclassico
Application Bathrooms, Aisle, Meeting Rooms, Halls
Ramada Plaza
Location Shanghai
Amount 4,000 sqm
Product Fior Di Pesco Carnico
Application Dinning Areas
Office building
Location Khabarovsk, Russia
Amount 1,400 sqm
Product Emperador Dark
Department of Civil Affairs
Location Russia
Airport Waiting Room
Location Russia
Jewelry Shop
Location Russia
Product Rosa Zarci
Conference Center
Location Haba, Russia
Product Golden Beige, Emperador Light