Life at GANI

Life at GANI

GANI starts from initiative people who consistently learning.
When you’re surrounded by teammates who to achieve, you will excel.

Life at GANI

Dedicated minds of 1500 people

People at GANI are initiative and consistently learning. To spread the passion on marble and let more people enjoy the beauty of nature in life, we focus on innovative technologies which make the marble’s beauty be discovered, alive and sustainable. As a pioneer and leading marble tiles company, we recruit people with more than just passion; they must also have dedicated minds on marble tiles' pursuit.

Remarkable innovative spirit, dedicative, consistently learning and thinking, toughness and never give up, these make GANI happens.

Zhilin, Li, Chairman and GM

Dedicated minds make things great

Diversified market strategy might work; however, we deeply believe that keeping dedicated and focusing make success and excellence. GANI production and R&D base is the world's largest investment in specialized marble tile production base, with more than 100 million USD invested and an area of over 430 thousand sqm, We dedicate ourselves to developing the best marble tiles in worldwide through upgrading the product technologies year by year. And that’s how we possess most patents and proprietary technologies in this field.

Innovation is inspired anytime and everywhere

Innovation is inspired from every single detail on production process to efficiency of working procedure.

Consistently learning is our productivity

Consistently learning is encouraging for people with ambitions and a hearty dose of determination.

Welcome to our GANI LIFE

Welcome to our GANI LIFE

What I learn from GANI and how I grow with GANI. Hear from those life stories at GANI.

GANI is open mind and sensitive to global trend.

GANI in any way is a different company in China. They’re really open mind and sensitive to the changes happening in China right now. That’s why I’m confident there will be many chances for an interesting work together.

Stefano Trovato
Chief Designer, GANI

Say no to a good product, but the best marble tiles product.

Strictly quality assurance and control achieve GAIN good reputation. Besides ISO standard, we have the GANI standard.

Shan, Chen